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Personal data in our age
The digital footprint of each of us leads to service providers, analytics, academics and merchants. In this longread you will learn who collects your data, for what purposes, and why knowing your privacy rights is important.
Biometrics: balancing privacy and security
What do your fingerprints, the colour of your pupils and the rhythm of your heart have in common? The attention of the state. Let's take a closer look.
Parsing data: on both sides of the ocean
What is parsing, do you have to worry if you've been parsed, and what do robots have to do with it?
Cookies, or what your browser is not telling you
Your browser keeps many secrets. We'll reveal one of them to you and tell you about cookies.
Fundamental rights of a data subject
A large-scale legal and regulatory analysis of the fundamental rights of data subjects.
Information as a new currency
Let's try to take the position of apologists for the "commodification" of personal data and figure out whether it is possible to trade them and what are the obstacles to this?
IoT reality: no alternative or acceptable outcome
We understand how a “smart home” works, what privacy risks are associated with it, and give advice on how not to lose a sense of security in your own home.