Open seminar

Data monopoly: from Big Tech divisions to state data banks

"If you get something for free, you're not a customer. You're a commodity."

Digital platforms such as Google, Apple, Alibaba, Microsoft, and Yandex have long been an indispensable and inevitable part of modern man's daily life. However, people pay for the convenience of using their services with privacy and freedom of choice, often without realizing it. At the same time, modern states increasingly seek to establish control over data flows, forming national data lakes and repositories.

That is why we decided to hold an open seminar and understand the dangers of digital monopolization, is it possible to restore the balance between the interests of corporations, the state and the average user?

At the event, which will be held on July 6, 2023 at the Faculty of Law of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, we will talk about such topics as:

⚙ Response of the environment to the challenges of big tech: foreign and domestic regulatory experience;

⚙ Antitrust trends in data protection;

⚙ The role of the state in data monopolization.