"The Privacy Zone: A Day in the Metropolis"

Public seminar on privacy of personal data

On July 5, at the initiative of the Data Guard team an open seminar was held at the Law Department of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. Both industry experts and young people, who are concerned with the privacy of personal information, participated in this seminar.

Together with those present we talked about such topics:

  • How do algorithms run our lives and what data do they use?
  • Why can't the future of the privacy profession exist without science?
  • The much-talked-about amendments to the Law on Personal Data.

Alexey Muntian, co-founder of the Russian Privacy Professionals Association, a specialist in the protection of personal data spoke about the concept of a smart city using the example of Moscow and current cases, and answered questions from the audience.

Vladimir Shirmanov, representative of the Center for Legal Aid to Citizens in the Digital Environment, made a presentation on the regulation of geodata and gray practices of collecting such information in mobile applications.

This was only the first in a series of planned events, so don't feel bad if you didn't manage to get there!